Installation via pip or conda

Stable versions of dynasor are provided via PyPI and as part of conda-forge. This implies that dynasor can be installed using pip via:

pip install dynasor

or using conda via:

conda install -c conda-forge dynasor

dynasor requires Python 3.6 or higher, numpy, as well as a C99-complient C-compiler.

Installation via

If installation via pip fails or if you want to use the most recent (development) version you can clone the repository and install using the script as follows:

git clone

or in the form of a tarball or zip-archive. On nix systems, compilation is usually staightforward after cloning the repository and merely requires executing the following commands on the command line:

cd dynasor
python3 install --prefix=<build-path>

In case the compilation fails, one should check the settings in the file

After a successful compilation the binary can be found in <build-path>/bin whereas the libraries are located in <build-path>/lib. One now ought to update the PATH environment variable:

export PATH=<build-path>/bin:$PATH

as well as the PYTHONPATH variable:

export PYTHONPATH=<build-path>/lib/pythonX.Y/site-packages:$PYTHONPATH

where X.Y denotes the Python version. If dynasor is used repeatedly it is a good idea to add these commands to the .bashrc file (or equivalent).